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Carried by Waves


"Carried By Waves" is an inspiring novel about adaptive surfing, romance, and a strong woman's journey. 

Joy loves nothing more than surfing and the ocean.
After her dreams of becoming a pro surfer are shattered, Joy struggles to find a new purpose. It has always been important to her to influence the community positively through her actions. Up until now, Joy hasn’t been able to find the right career that will allow her to combine her love of the ocean with her desire to serve the community.
One morning, she finally receives a long-awaited sign from the ocean that prompts her to change her life fundamentally.
Not only does she experience a new love, but she also discovers the inspiration to set up a project that supports surfers with disabilities and young people facing challenging financial backgrounds.

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A little bit about me

Born in Austria and now soaking up the sun in San Diego, I am an author whose life reads like an adventure novel. My passion for writing is matched only by my love for surfing and snowboarding, reflecting the dynamic contrast between my Alpine roots and my beachside present. An outgoing spirit with an endless reservoir of sunshine in my heart, my stories are crafted to captivate and inspire. Moving across the world, I've embraced the beauty of diversity, letting my experiences infuse my writing with a unique blend of optimism and resilience. My work mirrors my journey—vibrant, adventurous, and constantly reaching out to the warmth of human connection. Join me in a narrative where every page promises a new adventure.

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